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The Church Challenge is a multilevel community-based intervention aimed at the reduction of chronic disease. We work with numerous faith-based organizations in the City of Flint to engage community members in chronic disease management as well as encourage community level policy advocacy.

Multilevel Intervention

In the Church Challenge, our intervention is designed to work at three different levels: the Individual Level, the Church Level, and the Community Level.

Level 1: Individual Level

Our intervention at the individual level involves group classes in diet and physical activity. we conduct fitness classes, peer support groups, nutrition classes, cooking classes, historical eating, and spirituality classes.

Level 2: Church Level

We engage at the church level by working closely with church leadership and Pastors, to generate positive scriptures to be available to member participants as well as provide training and health education for sustainable results.

Level 3: Community Level

Pastors are trained to be able to advocate for the policy changes that they would like to see in the the community. Some of this training involves the advocating for healthy land use, policy development, policy changes, and process evaluation.

 Image of the three different intervention levels


Find us here: FCHES Church Challenge